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It’s time for you to catch up on that internet thing. Read this quick synopsis so that you have something to bring to your next conversation… Everyone notices that you’ve been smiling and nodding a lot lately, let’s change that.

Groundhog Day – Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow yesterday meaning we can expect an early spring. This means nothing to me because I trust neither meteorologists nor groundhogs. The internet blew up about Groundhog Day yesterday with memes and hashtags. I remain unimpressed.

Zika Virus – Although human symptoms are mild, the virus has been found to be connected to microcephaly which is a birth defect that causes babies to be born with brains and heads that are too small. Read more.

Zika Virus, Mosquito,

Expensive Potato – This potato photo by Kevin Abosch sold for near two million dollars to a German businessman for reasons that evade me. Read more.

expensive potato, photography, expensive, potato, photographer, Kevin Abosch

Drone Races – Is this trend foreshadowing the Star Wars like pod races of the future? Does it matter? It’s pure awesome. Big names have already invested in a drone racing league including the lead singer from Muse. I believe we can look forward to seeing more and more drone piloting competitions in the future!

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It’s Tuesday again and time for you to catch up on that internet thing. Read this quick synopsis so that you have something to bring to your next conversation… Everyone notices that you’ve been smiling and nodding a lot lately, let’s change that.

Broncos vs. Panthers – Well the Broncos are headed to the Super Bowl to face the Panthers. Should be an epic battle between two VERY strong teams. Bets are being placed in our office starting now.

Kanye, Kanye West, Swish, New Album

Kanye Drops New Album – In a predictable Kanye moment, the rapper claims that this isn’t the album of the year, it’s the album of a lifetime… I’ll let you decide that for yourself. Give it a listen HERE.


Failed Robbery – Likely the funniest video on the internet right now AND an exemplary display of what it means to be a good person.

Creepy Kazoo Kid – I can’t decide if it’s overtly creepy or wildly motivational. Find out for yourself. This is most definitely the creepiest version floating around the internet.

Power Ball

Powerball Winner Killed – Georgia native Craigory Burch Jr. was shot down inside his home in front of his family. Allegedly, the gunmen were after his close to half a million in winnings. Burch had just returned from donating around four thousand dollars to charity.

East Coast Snow, Snow, Blizzard, snow storm, blizzard 2016

BLIZZARD2016 – Once again the East Coast freaked out over some precipitation. Streets closed and snowball fights ensued. #blizzard2016


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It’s Tuesday again and time for you to catch up on that internet thing. Read this quick synopsis so that you have something to bring to your next conversation… Everyone notices that you’ve been smiling and nodding a lot lately, let’s change that.

David Bowie – Sunday evening we lost an amazing human being. At 69 he lost his 18 month battle with cancer. Bowie was an innovator, creative and hero. He will be dearly missed.

Powerball, money, lotto, lottery

Powerball– Today the winnings reached 1.5 billion. Statistics say that’s enough money to completely ruin your life but I think we’re all up for the challenge.

El Chapo’ – He has been captured once again by Mexican authorities. Word on the street is that he’s in the same prison that he infamously escaped last time. Check out this intense GoPro footage of the raid.


Golden Globes – As you might expect, the celebrities showed up once again to pat each other on the back for the various ways they contributed to our society. The take away from this event was the face that Leonardo Dicaprio made after looking at Lady Gaga’s butt as she walked past.

New York City, New York, First, Dispensary, New York Times

New York Dispensary – New York opens it’s first marijuana dispensary. It is medical and only sells oils and concentrates. The whole this is very anticlimactic especially for being the first in the Big Apple.

Kendrick Lamar – Pay It Forward from Top Dawg Entertainment on Vimeo.

State of the Union Address – President Obama is set to give his final State of the Union Address tonight at 9pm est. I personally hope that his recent meeting with Kendrick Lamar inspires him to rap it.

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In 2016 the internet has become a huge part of our lives. In order to stay on top of your game professionally and personally you need to be fluent in what is buzzing on the interwebs. I’m gonna help you out with that. Each week I’ll provide you with a quick and painless synopsis of what the internet is going crazy about. Skim it, have fun with it and go kick some ass.

Nike Windrunner Jacket History – Cool infographic by Nike showing the history and evolution of the classic Windrunner.

Gucci – Strange new add campaign. very strange. The photography throws me off ballance and leaves me searching for some hidden meaning. It’s creative though so I can dig.Gucci

Louis Vuitton – Launches an interesting video campaign for a their new line. “Space Travel of the Digital Girl” Looks very Daft Punk to me.
Louis Vuitton, Space Travel of the Digital Girl

Pizza Hut employees smoking a bong on NYE – Have you ever seen stoners make pizza? I have and I am convinced that they make better pizza than the sober people could possibly dream of. Extra cheese? Duh.

Trump uses wrong footage – In his first released TV ad, trump showed footage that was supposed to be of the southern border of the United States. Problem is, the footage was actually of Morocco (Second 23). YOU’RE FIRED.

Sad Raccoon – Poor guy melted his cotton candy trying to wash it in the river. We can all relate. Real sad.

Mark Zuckerberg – Zuckerberg released his 2016 goal of building an AI robot for his home and work.
Megyn Kelly appears on the cover of Vanity Fair – I love this because Megyn totally roasted Trump in the Cleaveland Republican presidential debate and that made me happy.


#StolenOnStolen – This is a weird Twitter phenomenon based on a newly popular app that allows users to purchase their favorite people on Twitter. I don’t condone the purchase or sale of people even if it’s just Twitter but it is generating quite a buzz online.

#StopGunViolence – President Obama spoke about a national “sense of urgency” to take preventative action against gun violence.

#OregonUnderAttack #YeeHawd and #YallQaeda – The internet’s way of poking fun at the armed militia takeover of an Oregon wildlife sanctuary. The militia claims to be peaceful and merely defending their constitutional freedoms. Not the way I’d have done it.

#Broncos – For obvious athletic superiority.

#NationalBirdDay – Really? Whatever.

#TooColdTuesday – Sort of a regional thing unless you’re talking about how icy your diamond game is on a Tuesday. Which I am certainly not. I’m just cold… And it’s Tuesday.

#HappyValentinesDay – Or National Singles Day… Either way, it seems a bit early for this hashtag to trend.

#35mm – Totally on board with this. Our Soapoint creatives have been really keen on shooting with film lately and the content on various social sites under this tag is quality.

2015 Best of Social Media

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The year has come to an end and it’s time to look back upon the best, worst and strangest happenings in the social media world.


Coca-Cola set the bar high in 2015 with their simple yet cunning “Share a Coke” campaign. Over one thousand names were printed on cans and bottles, creating a buzz of 998 million impressions on Twitter.

Oreo, known for their incredibly reflexive marketing team did it again. When gloomy weather threatened to prevent England from enjoying the biggest solar eclipse in 16 years, Oreo got creative.


Ahmed Mohamed started a much needed conversation after he was arrested at the age of 14 for a homemade clock that they thought resembled a bomb.
Ahmed Mohamed

Kim Kardashian’s Booty. Love her or hate her, that booty brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces this year.
Kim K, Kim, Kim Kardashian, Booty


Martin Shkreli became the most hated man on the internet in a matter of seconds after he bought rights to a cancer drug and hiked the price up from $13.50 to $750 per tablet.
Martin Shkreli, most hated

Trump’s Hair. Not much needs to be said about the stringy golden disaster that has been perched upon one of the most controversial and widely disposed presidential candidates of 2015.
Trump, Bad Hair, Donald Trump

Notable Mentions

The Dress. Is it blue and black or white and gold. They say the dress is blue and black but regardless the color, the dress will live forever as the most bizarre social media phenomena of 2015.
Black and blue dress, white and gold dress, black dress,

#PrayForParis. After the tragic Paris attacks, the world banded together and showed support for the people and victims of Paris by adding an overlay of the French flag to their Facebook profile pictures.
support france, facebook,

PizzaRat. Arguably the biggest mystery of the year is how exactly this video went viral. I will never get those fifteen seconds of my life back and neither will close to 9 million other viewers.

#LoveWins. 2015 proved to be a huge year for human rights. After Supreme Court declared same sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Supporters jumped on social media using the hashtag #LoveWins and adding the LGBT community colors to their profile pictures.
love wins

Certified Sticker Slappers

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When I landed in Colorado with a bag of clothes and a bicycle, I ended up sweeping floors at a large format print company. Focused on trade show displays, and larger fulfillment based projects this company had all of the means to start doing vehicle graphics. Keep in mind this was a decade ago, when wraps were becoming main stream, the materials were improving and so was the talent pool from which these projects were being completed. Not focused on vehicles at all, this was a bit of an uphill struggle for me with the employer. Mistakes are costly and that makes the learning curve expensive in return, so I started researching. I am not sure what was so compelling about putting sticky shit on a vehicle, I think it may have been an ultimate form of expression and artistic freedom in my younger years. Regardless, I wanted to do wraps, plain and simple.

I began to spend hours looking at how to design wraps, what materials to use, how to properly install, what tools to use, how long they last, cost, cost to install, cost to learn. There were a few large national companies I was keeping an eye on from a design standpoint but the rest of the info came from the source of commercial graphics. 3M manufactures premium quality materials in many different fields, commercial graphics in particular they dominate the horizon. They are leaders in producing new age materials that allow vinyls to conform to complex shapes, allow air to be released from behind the material, and to be removed successfully and without damage to the vehicle.

They stand tall in material production and innovation, but whom handles the people whom handle the materials? The United Applications Standard Group or the UASG, in coordination with 3m they test and certify individual people to become certified installed and companies to become certified installation companies.

On an individual basis the participant is tested on a written level as well as 12 stations of install procedures and materials. This 2 day process is monitored by UASG approved 3m installers. Scoring is brutal and participants are required to pass with an 80% or better. I went for this badge of honor during our 2nd year of business, I passed with an 80.9% and I thought I was hot shit. I took home many lessons and begin to get busy.

Achieving the higher and more esteemed title of verified installation company is a bit more rigorous and begins with at least 3 years in business. After getting 6 references to respond and paying the application fee a lovely UASG member showed up at our door. He wanted to see employment records, properly recorded install projects, proper file management and storage, material safety data sheets and a project in the works so they could deem our installers good enough to test. We passed again! This time in our 8th year of business, yeah it took some time damn it, but hey, we are now the 4th 3m certified company in Colorado and we are damn proud of it. We exhibit supreme product knowledge, and have the necessary support structures and equipment to offer the best graphic product in the state of Colorado. Keep in mind this is not only vehicle and fleet graphics, but architectural applications as well. Wall wraps, interior signage and a shit ton of other things we bring to the table as well.

Did I mention we have what I would consider to be the only real wrap warranty in the state. We guarantee workmanship for 6 months and offer 3m warranty on all products. Although over the years, we have learned that a good product has nothing to do with the warranty, but the team that creates and stands behind the product. That’s some real shit.

Back to the Streets

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Brilliant art often comes from struggle. It’s a voice of the people against oppression and in response to the human condition. Street art in particular spawned from this same type of struggle. It was the struggle for turf and a statement to authority. Still clinging to its rebellious roots, graffiti art today is becoming less taboo and more and more respected. As a collective of artists and rebels ourselves, Soapoint was stoked to donate sweat and material to the 2015 Colorado Crush. The celebration where artists from across the country coated entire city blocks of Denver’s RiNo District in vibrant color. The following is a recap of our experience.

Street art, graffiti, spray paint, lodo, Rino district, rino art district, rino denver, cocrush, CoCrush, Colorado, Denver, Mile high city art, denver art, rino art, ellestreetart, soapoint, graphics, vinyl, wall wrap,

Lost Boys Wall by @madmanart and @lookatart

As I walked through the packed alleys, chattering with the shake of spray cans, I came to a true appreciation for the moment I was experiencing. It signaled the end of a prohibition and the beginning of a revolution. This was a collection of artists; citizens able to communicate a message through layers of liquitex. A chance for voices to be heard with appreciation rather than persecution.

Street art, graffiti, spray paint, lodo, Rino district, rino art district, rino denver, cocrush, CoCrush, Colorado, Denver, Mile high city art, denver art, rino art, ellestreetart, soapoint, graphics, vinyl, wall wrap,

Colorado Crush wall by @ellestreetart

Every artist I spoke with mentioned how grateful they were to have been allotted such a huge canvases in RiNo District; an area known for being a hub for Denver art and design.

Street art, graffiti, spray paint, lodo, Rino district, rino art district, rino denver, cocrush, CoCrush, Colorado, Denver, Mile high city art, denver art, rino art, ellestreetart, soapoint, graphics, vinyl, wall wrap,

Though these were professionals, the rebellious artist vibe was present with every artist present. Tall boys cloaked with brown paper bags were sipped and tobacco smoke blown into the air as vibrant colors were layered over almost every vertical surface for blocks.


Although we weren’t out there with spray cans, we did get the opportunity to donate a huge mural showing all of the CoCrush 2015 sponsors. It was cool to do something different and everyone was interested in our process and our chrome gold van!


We even got our new hire, Carter, to donate some sweat. You can see him in the photo below applying heat and pressure to the massive stretch of vinyl. That expression on his face is the look of sheer fear of messing up while my lens was on him. He did a great job and we’re really proud to have been able to contribute to the beautification of one of Denver’s most respected art districts.


Next time you’re cruising through Denver’s RiNo District, keep an eye open for these and more amazing pieces. If you spot the wall, be sure to snap a shot and tag #Soapoint. We’ll give you some love. Search #CoCrush2015 for more photos and make sure to check out the various artists and sponsors who made this production possible. Our team can’t wait, til next year!


Pistoe and Victoriano Rivera
Mad Man Art
Jake Merten
Lauren YS
Markham Maes
Vyal One
Brian Scott Hampton
Sandra Fettingis
Mike Graves
David Shillinglaw
Thomas Evans
Hollis and Lana
David Rice and Blaine Fontana
Max Kauffman
Molly Bounds
Sec and Ease
Anthony Garcia Sr.


Wolf Properties
Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers
Next Harvest
Colorado Crush
Sage Hospitality
Park Burger
Denver Arts & Venues
Red Bull
MidFirst Bank
Tres Birds Workshop
Lk Mndd
Exdo Event Center
Marley Coffee
Osaka Ramen

Soapoint Pro Tips : How to Preserve your Vehicle Wrap

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Vehicle Wrap, Vinyl, Wrap, Care, Protection, Pro Tips, Soapoint, 3M, Fleet Wraps, Colorado, Denver

Your vehicle has the potential to reach the eyes of 30,000 to 70,000 people every day. Make sure that you keep your wrap performing to its full potential. The number one enemy of your vehicle wrap is the sun. Now days, most vinyl materials are rated for seven to ten years but over exposure to sun can accelerate aging of the material. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to a number of undesirable outcomes as listed below.

Fading: Colors will fade and bleach.

Ghosting: Your car paint underneath the white portions of the wrap is more susceptible to UV rays which can discolor existing paint and even “Ghost” the wrap pattern to your existing paint, requiring professional attention.

Paint Damage: Vinyl that has been over exposed to the sun will eventually begin to crack leaving a shatter shaped pattern that is susceptible to sun damage and scratching due to the build up of of road grime between the cracks.

Removal Difficulty: Sun damage will make removal difficult and may result in paint damage. This could factor into a more expensive bill when you re wrap your vehicle.

What To Do

Wax. We highly recommend your vehicle wrap at least once a year. This will help to maintain the high shine and prolong the life of the graphics. The best wax is liquid, which is easier to apply. In most cases, the wax will take out some stains you may acquire on the wrap. It is especially important to wax your vehicle in our harsh Colorado climate.

Remove snow. Only use a soft brush and never use a scraper as this could damage the wrap. If you wax the vinyl, snow should come off easier.

Watch your wrap. If you ever see any part of your vehicle wrap lifting or peeling, you must contact us immediately so we can fix the problem. If you leave such issues unattended, you could void the warranty on your wrap.

What Not To Do.

Brush wash. This may loosen the edges of the wrap leading to further damage as well as dull or scratch the finish of your wrap.

Pressure wash. We advise against pressure washing. If you are inclined to do so, here are some helpful tips. Pressure wash your vehicle from front to back, keep the wand at an angle to avoid getting water underneath the pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl. Never get closer than twenty inches from the vinyl with the wand. Be sure to use less than 2,000 PSI and a water temperature less than 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Never use window wipers on window perf.

Never use cleaners with ammonia or bleach.

Never pressure wash window perf.

Never scrape window perf while removing snow from your vehicle.

By following these pro tips, you will preserve the life of your vehicle wrap and keep it looking and performing as it should for many years. Get in touch with our team with any further questions. We’ll see you around.

Wam bam creative jam: A Recap of the Adobe Creative Jam

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Every once and a while, the winds blow to our backs, the stars align and the universe looks upon us with favor.

This was the case for our team last week when we were invited to compete in the Adobe Creative Jam. Completely pumped on the invite, we prepared our forces. Ryan and Drew, two of our very talented graphic designers, volunteered to represent the team. They scoured through previous creative jam prompts, studied their competition and got all their nerdy tech stuff together, more than ready to design their faces off.

The venue itself was impressive. Galvanize, located just off the Platte River in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, has a beautiful building with the most perfect 4th floor patio around. By the time we arrived, the design teams were already hunkered down in front of their computers, given beer and a theme: Wish you were here.

Although it seemed like the designers were really stressing (as designers often do) about having such a loose theme, we were excited to see what everyone would come up with. The prompt couldn’t have been more perfect in my opinion.

Our team looked like they brought the entire office. They had bling’d out their huge Apple Thunderbolt displays with chrome gold Soapoint die cut stickers and had just about every drawing utensil ever strewn over the table.

Our boys cranking out some magic

Our boys cranking out some magic.

As the design teams sat busy at work, slaving away in front of their various Adobe programs, we were in the main hall enjoying beers, tacos and talks with some very inspiring professionals.

The Made Shop gave an incredible talk on the value of inefficiency in design process.

Andy Burdin told the audience about one of his favorite assignments as a designer and walked us through his design process.

Anh Phan spoke about her professional journey leading to the beautiful display art and event design that occupies her time now days.

Ryan and Drew presenting their final submission

Ryan and Drew presenting their final submission.

After delivering strong presentations explaining each piece, the teams were judged in three categories; Motion Graphics, People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice. Each team’s submission was on point and beautifully unique. Our boys came through with the win in the judges choice category after explaining their piece.

Soapoint submission

In classic Soapoint style, after basking in the glory of our victory, we decided to celebrate. We headed across the street to the Denver Beer Co where we met up with the Creative Jam hosts, Paul and Liz to enjoy a good brew.

Shout out to everyone who showed face at the Creative Jam this year. It was a huge honor to be in the presence of so much talent and we are looking forward to next year! Until then, you know where to find us.

Read the story as Drew tells it here.

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