Paying Homage to a Hero

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We are branding wizards here at Soapoint. Our designers and creatives spend time perfecting even the smallest details because we are passionate about creating brands that are as complex as they are gorgeous.

Recently, we re-branded the Soapoint mascot: our van. In classic Soapoint fashion, we wrapped the van in chrome gold. So gold and so chrome that you could literally take a selfie using the reflection (ballin’). For most creative agencies, a gold van would be enough but we just had to take it a step further.

We took inspiration from Ken Block and his epically well done brand, Hoonigan Racing. Just one look at the Hoonigan website and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. No detail is overlooked, everything is dripping with the brand’s unique colors and style. It’s the type of brand that’s got our creative director smiling.

Ken Block is known to be one of the most thrilling rally car racers that has ever lived. He’s driven a handful of iconic cars all branded to perfection. Since he’s Ken Block, he took his rad rally cars one step further by outfitting many of his race cars with one signature neon wheel (ballin’).

To pay homage to a great man and a great brand, we dipped one wheel on our ride in gold. It will never be as fast as Ken’s car but it’s just one more little detail that we can be proud of. Another example of Soapoint going the extra mile. Cheers to Ken and Hoonigan for creating work above and beyond the expected. Here’s to the pursuit of perfection!

Sweet Leaf Web Store: How We Got It Up

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As any creative agency knows, getting a merch store online is no easy feat. After a lot of hard work and some drinking, we’ve emerged on the other side. Now we can sit back and watch as all of you poor, helpless fools empty your pockets to our gleaming example of Soapoint teamwork. Web stores are just one more thing we’ve added to our arsenal.

That being said, I’m now tasked with writing a blog summarizing all the individual pieces that went into making the web store a success. Since that sounds boring af I’m gonna put my own spin on it…

What follows is a short interview with everyone who helped “Get it up”. I’m doing this partly because it will be more interesting and partly because if I were to ask one of our graphic designers to write a paragraph, I’d end up getting verbally accosted and possibly attacked. For my own safety, I asked those involved for brief descriptions of their roles in the project.

Mike, as our creative director you took the reigns and directed all of our efforts. You were both the engine and the brakes on this whole operation. Explain what directing this project was like using only emoticons.

😬💪💪🍺👏🙇💪💪💪😲🍻😏💨😆💪💪💪👏🍻🍻😴👉💩❗️💪💪💪🎉🎉👏👏🎉🎉😎😎💵 – Mike

I’m not even going to take a stab at translating that. I will tell you that we do all have huge biceps, drink beer for energy, celebrate often, and occasionally have to clean shit up.

Kat, you sourced all of the clothing, hired the models and generally kept us all in line, tell us how it was in two words using only crayons.

Art Directing the online web store was a WILD PARTY! The entire team really pulled their strengths together to make it happen. #buyshit #wildparty -Kat


Thought I said TWO WORDS… Art Directors are better at using crayons than following directions…

Paige, you designed much of the apparel, give us the rundown in a haiku.

“Apparel design
Put some pictures on a shirt
And call it a day” -Paige

I can promise it was more complicated than that. Paige came close to kicking our asses when we interrupted her hustle for a meeting. Note for next time: **Approach slowly and bring whiskey**

Ryan, everyone is saying that you didn’t do much, but I don’t believe it. Tell us about your role with the web store in the voice of Kanye West.

“I’m a creative genius, no other way around it. I’m the Michael Jordan of everything.” -Kanye West/Ryan
Hold up, hold up.. I’ma let you finish.. But first, Ryan is the greatest designer of all time. I’m not positive he actually contributed but surely his presence alone was enough.

Austin, you’re a graphic designer and a photographer. You got to hangout with models. We’re all jealous. Tell us how that was with lyrics from your favorite rapper.

“The bombest chicks give me compliments, yeah it’s common sense, cuz i’m comin’ with the heat like Wade, Lebron and Chris.” – G-Eazy/Austin

It’s hard to get designers to write words. Turns out Austin would rather be chillin’ with models than writing about them.

Drew, you coded the online store. Nobody would know what the hell you’re talking about anyway, so give us the rundown on coding the web store up using only made up tech jargon.

“Once I rediferenciated the patterns of the store Matrix, I took the red and blue pill and fixed the flux-capacitor to take one millionth a gigawatt and the sustainable store was functioning.” -Drew


Thanks Drew. For everything you did. Whatever it was.

Kate, as a copy writer you wrote all the pretty words, found in the store and all of the social media updates for Sweet Leaf’s anxious fans. You hyped it up resulting in over 2,000 visitors to the page in the first few days! Since you’re the only one good with words here, describe your part of the process using a food metaphor.

“What’s BBQ without mac and cheese? The online store without copy. It’s unbelievably dank, but you know it’s missing something crucial.” -Kate

Food metaphor? Who asks that?

I’m Henry. My job was to document the process and make it shareable. So here’s how i feel about creating the content we used to litter your News Feeds. I wrote it in Spanglish and then translated it to english for you.

Spanglish: La web store esta mucho trabajador pues, muy divertido! To write-o la blog chupas mas culo y yo no se how to did it.
English-ish: The web store is much work, then very funny! To write the blog sucked more ass and I do not know how to did it.

I’m taking some serious risks publishing this.

Evolution means survival to us at Soapoint

so progression is nothing new. Every once in a while we reflect back on where we’ve been and give ourselves a pat on the back for how far we’ve evolved. We’ve come a long way from the sign shop days and we’re constantly adding new skills to our game. We were printing signs back then. We’re launching successful online stores today. We’ll be doing something even bigger tomorrow.

Click here to check out our work!

Watch for us around town. We’re in the gold van. Tag us. #GoodAsGold

Soapoint Team Member Handbook

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Team Member Handbook

From pirates to pilgrims, every great civilization has conducted themselves based on a set of rules. Most of these rules exist within text across the world and have set the framework for societies worldwide to flourish.

Soapoint has always had a code. A few unspoken rules that keep us functioning as a unit. Now the code is on paper. The pirate code. If you’ve followed us at Soapoint up to this point, you know we’re not your average creative agency. We don’t follow fads or contemporary rules. We wrapped our van in chrome gold. Nobody does that.

We are making massive strides in our game and our team is growing both in numbers and skill. With fifteen creatives under one roof and no chance of slowing down, we needed this. But in classic Soapoint fashion, if the rules get in between us and our creative process, we’re gonna break them.

Nothing has left our building without a distinct style and voice. Our Employee Handbook is no different. We added a little of our own touch. The book was both written and designed by our team and it shows. No detail was overlooked and we are very proud of how the final product turned out.

See it for yourself.
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.16.10 AM

Don’t think that we’re changing. Soapoint is still a bunch of creatives in a warehouse kicking ass across Denver. We’re just stepping up our game. When you see us, tag #GoodAsGold

Good as Gold

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New Soapoint van wrap. We are 3M certified and take pride in doing the best work in Colorado.

We went to lunch with an agenda. When we go to lunch with an agenda we order cocktails. This day was no exception. The shots eventually came and the business began. There is something about that initial feeling of tequila tingling in an empty stomach that brings the ideas.

One topic to discuss during that particular lunch was our company van. Let me give you a little insight into why this would even merit conversation. Our van is not just a necessary tool, it has evolved to be almost a mascot here at Soapoint. The last wrap pissed a lot of folks off. It was a big ass, green opinion on wheels and we loved it. Things here at Soapoint change quickly and the van was no exception.

Now we were loose. You may think that this sounds unprofessional, but I’d have to disagree. When it comes to drinking at lunch, we are as professional as it gets. When you enjoy a good meal and some tequila, ideas begin to rush out of your mouth (for good or for bad). Now sat four creatives at a table together with good food and a mission. The perfect ingredients for Soapoint gold.

Anyway, we decided that we should wrap the van in flashy chrome gold vinyl. Why? Because Soapoint is good as gold and now you fucking know it when you see us in traffic. So we finished our lunches and got back to work.

If you see the van, snap a picture and tag #GoodAsGold. We’ll see you around.


Opinion on Wheels

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IMG_0288At first glance, the SOAPOINT van looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie with its huge off road tires, three inch lift, blacked out windows and candy green exterior. Closer inspection reveals that the outside of our van is wrapped in vinyl with words, phrases and symbols some offensive, some not. It’s not typical of a creative company to boast a huge middle finger on the side of their van but we’re anything but typical. The van to us, offensive or not, is an expression of our continuous relationship with design and perfection. It’s a visual representation of our absolute commitment to remain focused, edgy and hungry.

As one might think, rolling down the street in an “opinion on wheels” definitely turns heads. The 15 sodas we’ve cleaned off and countless door handles we’ve replaced seem to allude to the fact that not everyone appreciates the van’s message as much as we do. It’s been said in numerous rap songs that “the haters gonna hate” but we’re alright with that because there are plenty of people showing love too. From fist bumps to photos those who understand and appreciate our message let us know. Good or bad, the shit pot needs to be stirred and no one is more qualified to stir than us.

The van, as often vans do, represents freedom. Creative freedom and separation from the boring, mundane and average. The words, phrases and symbols are not meant to offend but to inspire. It’s a call to action to go the extra mile and to never be complacent. Though it’s tempting to just zombie through your day doing your work to pay your rent, life is short. Too short not to be loud, unique and in some cases offensive. We at SOAPOINT are living testaments to this. Everyday we show up to work our team swings for the fences and holds nothing back. We bash our heads against desks, whiteboards, computers and each other until perfection is reached. As the van can attest, there is and never will be anyone like us. For good or bad, we are SOAPOINT and our van is here to remind you.

The Making of a Legend

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SOAPOINT! founder Mike Hornbeck overcomes the obstacles of starting his own business.

SOAPOINT! founder Mike Hornbeck overcomes the obstacles of starting his own business.

The need to create and the presence of opportunity led to the rocky beginnings of a dream that started with two college friends. They didn’t know that their dream would manifest in a bigger form than they ever imagined. The two friends met at Fort Hays State University where their obsession with art and design brought them closer together.

They began to explore large format street art in the small college town. The pair started signing their masterpieces as “soap” and “point”. One thing led to another and Studio Soapoint was born. The boys focused on design and painting murals at local bars. They enjoyed juggling their startup and finishing up school. As typical rookies, the ideas of contracts and pre-disclosed pricing hadn’t cross their minds. Regardless, seeds were planted for a dream that expanded past the borders of Kansas.

With a bicycle, a bag of clothes and their new graphic design degrees in hand, the fearless friends left for a new adventure in Colorado.

The two friends were faced with entering the real world in 2005. With a bicycle, a bag of clothes and their new graphic design degrees in hand, the fearless friends left for a new adventure in Colorado. Thirsty to work in design, one of the friends landed a job sweeping floors at a large format print & sign shop. He fell in love with everything at the shop. Making things, transforming prints to displays, stickers, signs, vehicle wraps– All things sign and design. After gaining several years of experience in the industry, the friends decided to resurrect Soapoint Graphics in December 2007. Production began as they worked out of a tiny studio apartment in Downtown Denver.

It wasn’t always sunshine and roses for Soapoint, there were many road blocks and learning curves at the beginning. After a one-year failed partnership with a local events company, they were determined to push on. They focused on their roots of customer service, quality and personality. A heavier demand for vehicle wraps led to the completion of 3M testing in St. Paul, Minnesota and the delivery of the title of 3M Preferred Installer. In 2010 the company began to dedicate more attention to graphic design and marketing.

Fast-forward to 2015, Soapoint is home to 13 employees and the company grossed over 1 million in sales last year. The company is poised for dramatic growth in the creative industry as well as the print & sign industry. The teams meld together to deliver a positive streamlined workflow that simplifies client retail management and meets all environmental and graphic design conception and production. The Soapoint family continues to cling to it’s roots of customer service, quality and personality, creating a genuine, one of a kind experience.

That’s good sh!t.

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