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If they say that a dream has come from a demon worthy of their error, then 37 Coptic Text and Translation εγε+ Νλγ Μπιτλκο επΜλ 10 ( Τ Γ Λ Φ Θ Λ Ρ Ο Ι Λ TTIKÀXON ΓΛΡ ΜΜΝΦΌΟΜ NQ-F Ν Ο Υ Κ Λ Ρ H O C ΝΛΓΛΘΟΝ Π Ο Γ Λ £ 2 Ι Ρ Π Ο Γ Λ ΤΤΙΜΛ Β Τ Θ _ 0 Γ Β Β 0 Λ . ν NÓI Ί Ό Γ Ν Ο Γ _ Ε Ο Ε Φ Α ? Π Ε ΜΕΝ eceiNe N T H ΕΤΜΟ^ ογτ Λ Λ Λ Λ CN^OyCÜN2 λΝ Ν τ ε ο φ γ α ο εΒΟλ ε ο φ ο ο π Μ^Υλλο eNToc τε -fÖS 5 λΤΜογ εοφορςΝε ετΒε ογλΤΜογ εερττιετεγε_ Λ,γα) εορεπίθγΜΐ e κ. ο Νλο ΜΝ ογ ΜΟΥ ΤΗ Λ ε ε φ λ ο φ ω π ε Coptic Text and Translation 10 15 20 25 30 destruction shall be given to them instead of immortality.

The immortal souls do not resemble those, Peter, but as long as the hour is not coming it shall look like the dead one but it will not reveal its nature, that it alone is the (76) 5 10 immortal one, thinking about immortality, trusting and desiring to leave these ones. For neither does one collect figs from thorns or thorntrees - if one is wise - nor grapes from thistles. For that which always stays in that from which it is - if it stems from what is not good - it becomes destruction for it and death.

The Greek ύ ψ η λ ό ς : high, noble, exalted, mighty etc. The negative equivalents, μετέωρος, μεγαλόφρων, ύ π ε ρ η φ α ν ί α , however, are more in line with the context (see my commentary). A second difficulty consists of the interpretation of the final clause β ρ φ θ Ο Ν Ι . The function of the connecting particle e ~ ('in order to') and the meaning of φ θ Ο Ν Ι ('envy'), in this context, are both uncertain. A straightforward, literal translation might be the best solution. ), neidisch zu sein auf die unsterbliche Seele, die zum Pfand geworden ist".

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