Mantak Chia's Awaken Healing Light PDF

By Mantak Chia

ISBN-10: 0935621466

ISBN-13: 9780935621464

Incorporated during this e-book are new spinal chi kung warmups to quick energize any meditation. The reader also will how one can mix sexual ardour with a loving middle contained in the physique to alleviate sexual-emotional frustration and accelerate religious progress.

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13 Churches and temple extend into the sky to capture the Universal Force and channel it down to people who do not know how to access it by themselves. Fig. 14 If we develop spirit and soul bodies, we can extend ourselves out further into the universe without having to depend on others. - 46 - An Overview of Taoist Inner Alchemy The Three Pure Ones are the sources of our Prenatal or Original Chi. In turn, it is our Original Chi that helps us draw and absorb the Universal, Higher Self, and Earth Forces.

8 The Three Forces sustain all life forms. - 41 - Chapter I Digesting food is an inefficient method of absorbing Chi from secondary sources. Because we have become so dependent on these sources, the vibratory rates of our energy body have been lowered to receive these minute amounts of energy, which are all they can supply. This is why the Inner Smile and Microcosmic Orbit meditations are so important, as they are the means by which we can absorb these forces directly once again. Humans as Channels for the Universal and Earth Forces In a limited way, we naturally receive some of the life-giving forces directly, although meditative practices are necessary to store them in the body.

The circulation of this energy feeds any points that are deficient and balances the body’s Chi in general, lessening the need for acupuncture and other healing arts. Internal work provides the best form of health maintenance and preventive medicine. Taoist masters of modem times can see the energetic deficiencies that cause illnesses in people. They also know how difficult it can be to teach people to heal themselves, especially those who - 54 - Chi are very sick. Still, the masters realize that teaching self-healing is better than allowing others to become dependent on them for healing.

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