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By White John Williams 1849-1917

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In contrast to another reproductions of vintage texts (1) we've not used OCR(Optical personality Recognition), as this results in undesirable caliber books with brought typos. (2) In books the place there are photographs akin to snap shots, maps, sketches and so on we've got endeavoured to maintain the standard of those photographs, in order that they characterize appropriately the unique artefact. even though sometimes there's definite imperfections with those outdated texts, we believe they need to be made to be had for destiny generations to get pleasure from.

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Gaucherie cruel adj. draconian, fell, implacable, insensate, insensible, ironhearted, truculent cruelty n. bestiality, brutishness, depravity, sadism cruet n. caster, muffineer crumble v. molder crumbly adj. friable, pulverulent crumple v. rimple crush v. quash, quell crushed adj. écrasé cry n. bleat, caterwaul, cri de coeur, yawp crypt n. undercroft cryptic adj. elliptical, enigmatic 30 / EUGENE EHRLICH cube-shaped adj. cubiform cubicle n. carrel cuckold n. cornuto, wittol cuckold v. cornute cud-chewer n.

Adiposity, corpulence fatty adj. adipose, lardaceous, sebaceous faucet n. cock, hosecock, petcock, stopcock fault n. feet of clay, frailty, foible HIGHLY SELECTIVE THESAURUS / 53 fault, my mea culpa faultfinding adj. captious, carping, caviling, censorious, hypercritical faultless adj. exemplary, immaculate, impeccable, indefectible, unassailable, unexceptionable faulty adj. peccant favorable adj. auspicious, opportune, propitious, providential favoritism n. cronyism, nepotism fawning adj. gnathonic, sycophantic fawn skin nebris fear n.

Hyperbole, inflation, pretension, pretentiousness exalt v. deify, ennoble, ensky examination n. catechism, inspectum, responsions, voir dire examine v. anatomize, dissect, vet example n. exemplar, exemplum, paradigm example, furnish an epitomize, exemplify examples, set of praxis excavation n. fosse, stope excellence n. beau ideal, transcendence, virtu excellent adj. estimable, inimitable, sterling exceptional adj. anomalous, preternatural, prodigious excerpts n. analects HIGHLY SELECTIVE THESAURUS / 49 excessive adj.

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