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Quantity four makes a speciality of additions and the ensuing substitutions at carbon-carbon &pgr;-bonds. half 1 comprises procedures more often than not regarded as basic polar reactions, reactive electrophiles and nucleophiles including to alkenes and alkynes. an enormous subject is Michael-type addition to electron poor &pgr;-bonds, featured within the first six chapters. partially 2 are accrued the 4 common approaches resulting in nucleophilic fragrant substitution, together with radical chain procedures and transition steel activation via to &pgr;-complexation. Metal-activated addition (generally by way of nucleophiles) to alkenes and polyenes is gifted partly three, together with allylic alkylation catalyzed by means of palladium. The assurance of nonpolar additions partially four comprises radical additions, organometal addition (Heck reaction), carbene addition, and 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions.

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