Abhinavagupta: A Trident of Wisdom - download pdf or read online

By Jaideva Singh, Paul Muller-Ortega

ISBN-10: 0791401812

ISBN-13: 9780791401811

This can be a lengthy remark on a brief Tantra. probably the most authoritative and honored texts in Kashmir Shaivism, it bargains with the character of final fact and with equipment of awareness concentrating on the idea and perform of Mantra. Abhinavagupta offers his metaphysics of language, of the area (Vak), and its relation to recognition. He calls it 'the instructing of the key of the Trika doctrine.'

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Antahkarana or the psychic apparatus. 5. e. the location of the word is in the mouth, but the location of the referent is in external space. 6. The highest truth of the Divine I-consciousness is th at its continuity is uninterrupted (avicchinnatdparamdrtham). I t is always present in everything. It never takes a holiday. It cannot be escaped from. Nothing can elude it, or give a slip to it. T h a t is why Siva is said to be im m anent in the universe. T ext Different implications of the word Devi: From iyatapaJyantyddisrftikramena on p.

Thus altogether, they m ake up sixteen. T ext From tata idrk on p. 11,1. 16. ) (‘Kathaiji’ may be taken in the sense of an Instrum ental Case— tritiydrtha. Then its meaning will be like the following:) 1. In w hat way (kena prakarena) is such anuttara to be realized: by abandoning the uttara or the world or otherwise? (It may be taken in the sense of Nominative Case, prathamdrtha. T hen its meaning will be like the following:) 2. W hat is this way? e. jndtd) which meets on all sides m utual opposition consisting of Abhinavagupta 31 difference, therefore, there are bound to be superiority and in­ feriority.

In using the tamap affix by way of gradation, one does not get any additional information. T he use of ‘tarap’ and ‘tamap' suffix in the sense of graded or comparative value is only conventional; it has no regular or proper derivation. I t is not in accordance w ith the sense of ‘tarap’ and ‘tamap’ suffix. I f tarap and tamap indicate graded excellence, so may tdrya and tdmya also. Enough of displaying ability unnecessarily regarding a m atter a bit of which we have heard from scholars. Here it is in order to indicate graded correlatives along with *uttara’ that the tarap suffix has been used.

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