A Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Sir Monier Monier-Williams, Professor E. Leuman, Professor PDF

By Sir Monier Monier-Williams, Professor E. Leuman, Professor C. Cappeller and other scholars

ISBN-10: 019864308X

ISBN-13: 9780198643081

The 1st challenge humans appear to be having with this recognized dictionary is that a number of the more moderen reprints of the unique Clarendon Press variation (especially the Indian ones) are bodily of very negative caliber: not just are they poorly published on inferior paper, yet in addition they include a shoddy binding that's simply unlikely to face as much as this kind of dealing with a heavy dictionary will get. Books comparable to this (and there are numerous being released this day) appear to me virtually to were intentionally designed to self-destruct after minimum use.

The purely technique to this challenge isn't really to shop for a later reprint within the first position. as a substitute, search for a used reproduction of the sooner UK-produced Clarendon Press version. This was once well-printed on caliber paper, stitched in order that it opens flat with no the backbone cracking, and sure in a sturdy fabric. when you are fortunate sufficient to discover this kind of you can be getting a true booklet that might be a excitement to address and should withstand decades of heavy use.

The moment challenge that a few humans run into is that the dictionary itself can, due to its association, be tough to take advantage of. a great option to this challenge has been supplied via Charles Wikner in his 'A functional Sanskrit Introductory' (1996).

This is an excellent and intensely beneficial 146-page Sanskrit instructional in 15 classes which, along with instructing Sanskrit pronunciation, Devanagari, and a few simple ideas, has additionally been designed, as Wikner says, "to elevate the English-speaking pupil who is aware not anything of Sanskrit to the extent the place he can intelligently [use] Monier-Williams' dictionary."

He explains that classes 12-14 "penetrate Monier-Williams' dictionary via its 4 degrees of alphabetical order, and recommend recommendations for locating tricky words." After learning those 3 classes, clients should not have any extra hassle with the dictionary; in truth, it's going to turn into a true excitement to use.

The writer has generously made his publication freely to be had and it may be downloaded from: http://sanskritdocuments.org/learning_tutorial_wikner/index.html

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Atarkya}2{a-tarkya} úmfn. incomprehensible , surpassing thought or reasoning. {atarkyasahasrazakti}3{a-tarkya--sahasra-zakti} úm. endowed with a thousand incomprehensible powers. {atala}1{a-tala} ún. ; N. ; úm. N. of S3iva. {atalasparza}3{a-tala--sparza} orð úmfn. whose bottom cannot be reached , bottomless. {atalaspRz}3{a-tala--spRz} úmfn. whose bottom cannot be reached , bottomless. {atavyas}1{a4-tavyas} {An} , {asI} , {as} , not stronger , not very strong îRV. v , 33 , 1 and vii , 100 , 5. {atas}1{a4tas} úind.

ATTahAsaka}3{aTTa--hAsaka} úm. the shrub Jasminum Multiflorum or Hirsutum. {aTTahAsin}3{aTTa--hAsin} úm. N. of S3iva. {aTTahAsya}3{aTTa--hAsya} ún. ; a horse-laugh. {aTTATTahAsa}3{aTTA7TTa-hAsa} úm. very loud laughter. {aTTaka}2{aTTaka} úm. ; tower. {aTTaTTa}2{aTTaTTa} úind. very high îL. ; very loud îL. {aTTana}2{aTTana} ún. a weapon shaped like a discus îL. {aTTAya}2{aTTAya} (úNom. fr. {aTTA}) , úA1. ) îPa1n2. 3-1 , 17 îComm. {aTTAla}1{aTTAla} {as} , or {aTTAlaka} úm. ; ({ikA}) , úf. a palace îL.

AjAda}3{ajA7da} úm. `" goat-eater "' , the ancestor of a warrior tribe îPa1n2. {ajAdanI}3{ajA7danI} úf. a species of prickly night-shade. {ajAdi}3{ajA7di} a úg. of îPa1n2. 4-I , 4. {ajAntrI}3{ajA7ntrI} úf. the pot-herb Convolvulus Argenteus. {ajApayas}3{ajA-payas} ún. goat's milk. {ajApAlaka}3{ajApAlaka} úmfn. tending goats , úm. a goat-herd. îL. {ajAvi}3{ajA7vi4} úm. úpl. ) orð úsg. goats and sheep , small cattle. {ajAvika}3{ajA7vika4} ún. úsg. goats and sheep , small cattle. {ajAzva}3{ajA7zva} ún.

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