A review of the laelapid mites associated with terrestrial - download pdf or read online

By Mašán, Peter, Fenďa, Peter

ISBN-10: 8097040689

ISBN-13: 9788097040680

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Read Online or Download A review of the laelapid mites associated with terrestrial mammals in Slovakia, with a key to the European species. - 1 PDF

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1973) A rapid method for the isolation of functional thymus-derived murine lymphocytes. Eur. J. Immunol. 3, 645-649 9. Lumanglas, A and Wang, B. S. (1993) Effect of murine ascites on the ability of hybrrdoma cells to produce antibody and proliferate m vitro Hybrcdoma 12, 127-133. CHAPTER7 Production of Monoclonal Antibodies Lance E. Perryman and Patricia in Horses H. Mason 1. Introduction Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) have been successfully used to evaluate immune responses in horses, and to target important antigens of equine infectious agents to which protective immune responses may be directed (I-5).

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A review of the laelapid mites associated with terrestrial mammals in Slovakia, with a key to the European species. - 1 by Mašán, Peter, Fenďa, Peter

by Kenneth

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