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The first two classes are identifiable in that they are forrned by the juxtaposition of a stern plus affixes. Particles, on the other hand, are negatively defined as elernents to which inflectional affixes cannot be added. Verbs can be defined rnorphologically since they are characterized by the nurrrerous affixes which rnay accorrlPany thern. In addition to the Person and nurnbe r rnarkers which are always present, verbs rrray also be rnarked as dative, reciprocal, reflexive, and/or inst rurnental constructions .

Kiyoxpa/ (10) I (they) d rank it ki + o * tu + tell + Il fo G4) r rne ' ' shoot at te it for 69 - 4 "y * nk * kiyotu tell -) ll v7t * kiyotu te ll -, /ySxkiyotu 3T-7 / tz+l (5 ) rne ! t 85 - 3 There is one counter-exarrlple to this rule; I suspect a glottal stop was inserted before the root: ff ti + ill . lkill 'they were drinking it for hirn' 69-2 39 ttrt t vl 8. Y '1'zt z This rule is optional with cornpounds and across word boundaries, and rnandatory otherwise. Exarnple s : ll t"* ll t" + uwe nill ay+ onl ( + ni/ 'yo,, do not rnake it' "i ll /kayg 38-4 (cf.

Tuhixka ttrauxtS, rshortr. rn addition he has not always heard [a Haas ] where has, e' g. rhorser above. It thus seerrrs aknost irnpossible to come to any firm conclusions about it, and I have therefore zl decided to norrnalize as follows: D/S a = a; D/S ir, ri = u. Readers are advised to check D/S for the original citations regarding la I as well as length and stre s s. 160. Dorsey is as inconsistent in his rendering of stress as he is with length. For exarnple: / t). a--ya ^ny{ xohi rold worrrant 44-L *6rri 'old fr( rratinaki h( akanix t ( 'atan ak{ tidup{ hinde , tidupi h5 tidGpi ha worrran | 44-?

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