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By Hanna E. Kassis

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From the ForewordThis Concordance of the Qur'an in English satisfies a paramount want of those--and there are literally thousands of them--who haven't any command of the Arabic language and but wish to comprehend the Qur'an. the convenience derivable from English translations of the Sacred publication is, in precept, restricted simply because, first, the Qur'an isn't a "book" yet a suite of passages published to Muhammad over a interval of approximately twenty-three years and, moment, as the Qur'an seriously isn't translatable. this doesn't suggest that the Qur'an shouldn't be translated. It does suggest that translations lose a lot in tone and nuance, not to mention the incommunicable attractiveness, grandeur, and beauty of the unique. . . .The major contrast of Hana Kassis's concordance, for my part, is that it makes use of the semantic constitution of Arabic vocabulary itself in revealing the that means of the Qur'an on any given factor, aspect or suggestion. A reader who appears within the index of this concordance for a observe which he has encountered in interpreting an English translation of the Qur'an--the observe delight, for example--is directed instantly to the roots of the Arabic, Qur'anic phrases for delight. At tne entries for those Arabic roots, the entire by-product types are proven, and the verses of the Qur'an during which they seem are there indexed in translation. . . .I am convinced that anyone who's essentially attracted to figuring out the Qur'an and appreciating the nuances of its diction and colors of its which means can fulfill his desire extra totally with this ebook than in anyway in need of constructing a true command over the Arabic language itself.--Fazlur Rahman, Professor of Islamic proposal, college of Chicago

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Modern remedies of Jewish apocalyptic often terminate their discussions of this literature with the triumph of Rome over nationalist rebels on the time of the second one Jewish rebellion (132-135 C. E. ). They for this reason fail to understand the influence of the following upward push of scriptural authority for the Abrahamic religions and the renewed power of the apocalyptic style as a well-liked literary car for the expression of social and cultural matters via the main close to jap non secular groups through the moment 1/2 the 1st millennium C. E. the current quantity starts the method of righting this imbalance through delivering an English-language anthology of a sequence of influential Jewish apocalypses emanating from the close to East from approximately the early 7th to the mid-twelfth centuries C. E. every one textual content is newly translated into English and supplied with an annotated statement that elucidates its old, literary, and spiritual contexts.

About the author:
John C. Reeves is Blumenthal Professor of Judaic reports on the collage of North Carolina at Charlotte. he's the writer of Heralds of That stable Realm: Syro-Mesopotamian Gnosis and Jewish Traditions (Brill) and the editor of Tracing the Threads: reports within the power of Jewish Pseudepigrapha (Scholars Press) and Bible and Qur’an: Essays in Scriptural Intertextuality (Society of Biblical Literature).

'Trajectories in close to jap Apocalyptic is a superb assortment that fills a particular, noticeable desire. for a very long time Anglophone students wishing to learn lots of those medieval Jewish apocalyptica were annoyed through superseded or unavailable translations. this can be not the case, and we needs to thank Reeves for his first-class paintings. '
Lorenzo DiTommaso, evaluation of Biblical Literature, 2006.


A Gallery of Jewish Apocalypses
1. Sefer Elijah
2. Sefer Zerubbabel
3. Pirqe de R. Eliezer §30 (end)
4. R. Sim'on b. Yochai complicated
The secrets and techniques of R. Sim'on b. Yochai
The Prayer of R. Sim'on b. Yochai
5. Apocalypses that includes “Ten Signs”
'Otot of R. Sim'on b. Yochai
Ten symptoms
'Otot Ha-Mashiach\ (Signs of the Messiah)
Ten additional issues bearing on the times of the Messiah
6. Responsum of R. Hai Gaon on Redemption
7. 'Aggadat ha-Mashiach
8. Pirqe Mashiach
9. Midrash Wa-Yosha' (end)

Thematic Excursuses
1. Metatron as Apocalyptic Persona
2. The Eschatological visual appeal of the employees of Moses
3. The “People of Moses”


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Of -the-action of the verb, it-is often translated as aregular verb. ), or a gerund ("reading", "living", etc:). 20. THE PARTICIPLES: The participles are derived from the verb to signify the doer (active participle) or recipient (passive . participle) of the action. In addition, they signify, an action which may be temporary, continuous or in a habitual state of being. also used as substantive nouns. The construction of the participles is very regular and follows a set of clear patterns in all forms of the verb.

ENGLISH TITLE vss. 10-11, 20 (Y) 23-MI, - 3 M Folded in Garments [Ali] -" The Enwrapped [Ar] The Enshrouded One [Pk] 4 M 2M. mi " *:OneWrapped [Ali] Shrouded [Ar] The Cloaked One [Pk] " •31 M 36 M1 The Resurrection [Ali, Ar] The Rising of the Dead [Pk] 98 Y 52 M2 Man [all] Time [Ali, Pk] vs. ,33 MIThe Great News [Ali] The Tiding(s) [Ar, Pk] -81 M 31 MI Those Who Tear Out [Ali] The Pluckers [Ar] Those Who Drag Forth [Pk] 24 M 17 Ml He Frowned 7 M 27 MI "The Folding Up [Ali] The Darkening [Ar] " The Overthrowing [Pk] 82 M 26 MI The Cleaving Asunder [Ali] Splitting [Ar] The Cleaving [Pk]" Last Meccan Sfirah 86 M 37 Ml Dealing in Fraud [Ali] The Stinters [Ar] .

11:14 31:34 46:23 67:26 (17) (34) (22) (26) know that it has been sent down with God's knowledge surely God - He has knowledge of the Hour knowledge is only with God the knowledge is with God ALAM-having greater knowledge, knowing very well. 2:140 (134) 3:36 (31) 3:167 (161) 4:25 (29) 4:45 (47) 5:61 (66) 6:53 (53) 6:124 (124) 11:31 (33) 12:77 (77). 16:101 (103) 18:26 (25) 22:68 (67) 29:10 (9) 60:10 (10) 84:23 (23) have you then greater knowledge, or God God knew very well what she had given birth to God knows very well the things they hide God knows very well your faith God knows well your enemies God knows very well what they were hiding knows not God very well the thankful?

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