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By Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltshen, Jared Douglas Rhoton

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A transparent Differentiation of the 3 Codes provides the 1st English translation of the sDom gsum rab dbye, essentially the most well-known and arguable doctrinal treatises of Tibetan Buddhism. Written via Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltshen (1182–1251), a founding father of the Sakya college and one in all Tibet’s so much realized sages, the 3 Codes strongly inspired next spiritual and highbrow traditions in Tibet—and sparked a few long-lasting doctrinal and philosophical disputes, a few of which persist this present day. within the 3 Codes, Sakya Pandita discusses the Hinayana, Mahayana, and Tantric vows of Buddhist behavior, which frequently diverge and contradict one another. He criticizes, on a minimum of one element or one other, later practitioners of virtually each lineage, together with the Kadampa, Kagyupa, and Nyingmapa, for contradicting the unique teachings in their personal traditions.

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Sapan continued to be an lndophile at a time when most of his contemporaries were busily adapting Buddhism to its new home in what was rapidly becoming a post-Indian era. lrfita), translated by translators, and widely recognized among the learned-that alone is the Buddha's Doctrine that should be studied, taught, and practiced. 64 Here "spoken by the Buddha" included more than the normal modern reader might expect-namely, not just scriptures traced back to the Buddha Sakyamuni but also some scriptures held to be of enlightened inspiration.

92- For a preliminary survey of sDom gsum rab dbye commentatorial literature after Sapan, see D. Jackson (1983a), pp. 12-23. 93. This addendum is Gorampa's DSKhK 94· See Lhalungpa (1986) for a translation of Gampo Jennga Trashi Namgyal's famous work. 95· The actual headings from Gorampa's outline of A Clear Differentiation ofthe Three Codes are not used verbatim in square brackets in the translation itself because (r) they are cumbersome, and (2) often only a previous heading makes it clear what exactly Sapan is refuting.

14), p. 1-2. 30 Sakya Panditds Life and WOrk 2L Fi&h Dalai Lama (I967), p. 55· 22. Thuuken (I984), p. I76 (on Thuuken, see note 25 below). Not all historical sources list the Khon monk among the seven first probationers. 23. Of the scores of Indian Buddhist tantric cycles that•,were adopted by the five Sakya patriarchs and assimilated into the religious life of Tibet, the most notable are the Hevajra of Viriipa's tradition, the Vajrakila of Padmasambhava,•th~< Vajrayogini of Narotapada, the Mahakala of Vararuci, and the Guhyasamaja of Nagarjuna's lineage.

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