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The Carib language, also known as Galibi or real Carib, is spoken by way of a few 7000 humans residing in Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil. Henk Courtz's publication, initially a Leiden collage Ph.D. dissertation, includes a certain description of Carib grammar and the main large stock of Carib lexemes and affixes thus far. the cloth is of curiosity to students within the fields of linguistic typology, comparative Cariban linguistics, Carib dialects, and to somebody who's curious to grasp extra in regards to the Carib language of South-America. Please stopover at the publisher's site ( for excerpts and errata.

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The Carib language, also known as Galibi or real Carib, is spoken by means of a few 7000 humans dwelling in Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil. Henk Courtz's booklet, initially a Leiden college Ph. D. dissertation, encompasses a specified description of Carib grammar and the main broad stock of Carib lexemes and affixes to this point.

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Harmonizing -ty to a u in a preceding syllable, seems to occur only in the eastern Surinamese dialect, in variation with not pronouncing the harmony. Therefore, it is suggested that harmonizing -ty be not written (cf. unty ‘origin, stump’). e. the apparent harmonizing of the vowel in a verb stem final ky to a preceding u, -ku is written, since there is no evidence that this really is a case of vowel harmony, even though it is plausible (cf. ejuku ‘answer’). e. in some individual harmonizing exceptions, it is suggested that they be written according to their pronunciation (cf.

G. /irompiQpa/ [iɾom(bih)pa] ‘not dying’, /emamiQpa/ [emam(ih)pa] ‘not living’). /e, o/ The /e/ and /o/ are usually pronounced somewhat more open in syllables with a coda. 98 Exceptional cases of voiced word initial plosives as well as coda plosives that are not underspecified may be found in loan words and interjections. g. : 98 The combination of an /N/ and a suffix or clitic initial /r/ is pronounced There are dialectal differences: in western Surinamese Carib plosives are only voiced following a nasal.

G. erupa ‘talk to’), the irregular stress is indicated in the dictionary. ). 105 Mosonyi Hoff Renault-Lescure this book sapaato [sapa:to] sapa:to [sapa:to] sapato [sabaɁto] sapato /sapato/ ‘shoe’ asaapatoorü [asa:pato:ɽi] asa:pato:rï [asa:pato:ɽi] asapatoli [asaɁpadoɽi] asapatory /a-sapato-ri/ ‘your shoe’ For a central vowel between y and a that occurs in related languages the symbol ə is used. 2 Vowel perseverance The high vowels like to persevere their pronunciation till after the following consonant or consonant cluster.

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