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By Le Particulier

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Butantan, 28: 116 (Pernambuco, Brazil). MATERIAL EXAMINED 64 females from O. alfaroi and 30 females from from Cerro Punta (Chiriqui) 13 females from O, fulvescens and 1 female from Peromyscus nudipes from Rancho Mojica (Bocas del Toro) January 1960 to March 1962, collected by C. 0. Handley, C. M. Keenan and V. J. Tipton. : O. fulvescens ; , be distinguished from other species of the genus in Panama by the following combination of characters short, robust proximal seta and a longer piliform seta on coxa I, fairly robust setae on the dorsal plate, and gnathosomal setae almost as long as the medial hypostomal REMARKS: L.

Appears In our specimens the venter is more setose, the anal plate and the dorsal setae are shorter and more delicate. In to be wider, we are referring our specimens to this species. In specimens from Cerro Azul (pi. 29) the proximal seta is shorter and thicker than in those from Rancho Mojica, and there are two or three more setae on the venter. Specimens from Cerro Punta are closer to Fonseca's figures than those from Rancho Mojica and the Rancho Mojica specimens are closer than those from Cerro Azul.

It would be unusual, however, if E. rotundus Fonseca is not collected in Panama in the future it occurs in nearby Venezuela. ; Eubrachylaelaps jamesoni Furman. Plate 2. Eubrachylaelaps jamesoni Furman, 1955a, Ann. Ent. Soc. , 52-54, 48, (1-2), pp. figs: 1-4. MATERIAL EXAMINED: 153 females from Peromyscus nudipes, Cerro Punta; 83 females from P. nudipes from Rancho Mojica; 2 females from Oryzomys fulvescens, Cerro Punta and Rancho Mojica; 1 female from Reithrodontomys creper; 1 female from Heteromys desmarestianus, Cerro Punta; and hundreds of specimens in alcohol from both localities, mostly from P.

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80 Lettres du proprietaire immobilier : Pour faire valoir vos droits by Le Particulier

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